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Workplace Occupational Health and Safety

This course targets all company employees, including the management, safety officer, supervisors and employees

Employee health and safety is integral to organizational productivity thus improved bottom line. A healthy and safe workforce ensures minimal or no incidents/ accidents thus leading to reduced insurance costs, increased employee morale and less complaints.

Objectives: Course participants will:

  • Review legislation in respect to safety requirement for all stakeholders in business environment
  • Define duties and responsibilities for all
  • Be trained to draft and implement a good health and safety policy
  • assist to draft and putting in place a good health and safety policy
  • Receive instruction on risk assessments and controls to prevent risks associated with day to day running of their operations.
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Defensive Driving Training (DDT)
for light vehicle (LVs)

This course targetsdrivers of Light Vehicles

Objectives Upon completion of the course, drivers will: 

  • Understand the meaning and importance of defensive driving and the key factors in arriving safely at their final destinations ○ improve on their general driving skills.
  • Be well equipped with hazard identification and prediction techniques to perfect their proactive approach in dealing with any challenging situation Through simple & practical coaching coupled with real life illustrations and examples
  • Change their attitude, behavior & perception towards dealing with other road users.
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Defensive Driver Training (DDT) for Heavy Good vehicles (HGVs) & PSV

This course targets drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles encompassing rigid trucks, PSV vehicles to articulated tractor-trailer combination.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, drivers will:

  • Be equipped with hazards identification and recognition techniques
  • Possess the requisite reaction necessary to avoid incidents.
  • Possess advanced skills necessary to address the unique challenges experienced by HGV Drivers in maneuvering, long and short haulage, which in most cases involve high-value commercial goods, cross-border delivery and sometimes many days of continuous travel.
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Defensive Driver Training & Roll over prevention for Tanker

This course targets all drivers in the oil industry and bulk cargo shipping.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, drivers will be equipped with skills necessary for safe handling and transportation of hazardous
petroleum products, Tanker dynamics, handling Out-of-Gauge-Loads(OGLs) and roll over prevention amongst other techniques

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Safe Riding training for Motorcycle riders

This is a special course for qualified motorbike operators with the sole objective of improving their hazard perception and identification skills

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, Riders will:

  • Improve their efficiency and skill dealing with risky driving environments they are exposed to.
  • Improve their awareness of their exposure to help them not only deal with other road users and ensure their safe arrival to their destinations.
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Driver Fatigue & Tiredness Management

This course unveils the facts and hazards in fatigued and tired driving. Three in every ten drivers on the road are either fatigued or sleepy.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, Riders will:

  • Highlights the warning signs of driver tiredness
  • Unveils and dispels common myths associated with driver fatigue
  • Highlights on short term yet ineffective ‘solutions’ drivers employ in an attempt to beat fatigue
  • Helps drivers understand how the body clock works
  • Identifies the three main causes of fatigue and the effective counter measures of dealing with driver fatigue
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Personal Security & Anti-Hijack awareness training

There is heightened insecurity across the globe in relation to motoring as drivers and passengers alike are vulnerable to the rampant carjacking and terrorist incidences. This course equips drivers with knowledge and pertinent safety measures to take in the unfortunate event that they are ambushed.

Objectives:This course will:

  • Instruct drivers on security precautions to take and ways of identifying potential carjackers, terrorists, common hijacking areas and scenarios, among other insecurities.
  • Equip the driver with preemptive skills on how to reduce vulnerability to these situations
  • Reveal common mistakes by drivers and passengers which predisposes them to harm by carjackers or terror gangs.
  • Increase the driver’s chance of emerging safe and alive from a carjacking or terrorist situation.
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Transport/ Fleet Management Training

This training package targets transport companies to aid them in improving road safety, vehicle and staff efficiency and motivation through effective fleet management.


  • Course participants are instructed in the crucial role correct staffing, sound driver selection and recruitment play. Participants are also instructed in factors of driver and vehicle selection.
  • Course participants learn to cut variable costs, optimize the selection process to improve their bottom line.
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Driving and Fuel Economy/Efficiency


Considering the high costs of fuel which keeps skyrocketing by the day, this course offers an answer to this question: how can we tame the high fuel costs?

The training offers realistic proof on how good driving skills can majorly reduce fuel consumption even by up to 30% , amongst other factors.

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Customer Service

This course trains your workforce in effectively and efficiently handling your customers at all levels.


The Customer is the bloodline for any business. This short course entails defining effective customer relations for business distinction and growth, Identifying the integral part good customer service would play in ensuring organizational profitability and employees’ integral role as organizational ambassadors.

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Understanding your vehicle – Vehicle Integrity Checks and Basic Mechanics

This course covers the importance of vehicle inspection for defects, Basic mechanical Knowledge and fault finding techniques.

The primary purpose of this course is to ensure the one important person to ensure vehicle safety is thoroughly equipped hence ensuring maximum return on the machine, as well as effective time management through shortened turnaround times

Objectives: Course participants will:

  • Instructed in vehicle pre-trip inspection and checklists
  • Trained in the importance of conductive preventative maintenance.
  • Trained in tyre safety and maintenance to ensure tyre economy and longevity
  • Instructed on identifying telltale signs of vehicle faults, understanding your vehicle ‘language’.
  • Instructed on identifying telltale signs of vehicle faults, understanding your vehicle ‘language’.
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Work Station Ergonomics

This course targets all employees who spend a lot of their time sitting whilst at work. It addresses the fit, between people and their work.

It is an engaging, eye opener and an aid to ensuring healthy work force and increased productivity and conformity with OSHA legislation; and a reduction of staff medical costs and absenteeism due to occupational illnesses and injury.

Objectives: Course participants will:

  • Identification of key factors that affect work ergonomics
  • Health risks associated with poor work station ergonomics
  • How to avoid/ deal with the risks and designing an ergonomic work station by using VDU effectively
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Drug Free Work Place

This course targets all employees in all organizations.

This course is designed to assist organizations to identify and recognize signs of drug misuse at work, the impact of drug use on business, the levels/stages of addiction as well as assisting them in formulating drugs misuse policies. Drug addicts are advised on how to deal with the problem and ensure sound health at work.

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Consultancy – Services

Driver Selection & Recruitment Services

Right Staffing is key in any industry aspiring to succeed in the competitive business environment. Some organizations have been incapacitated or even driven to closure due to poor performances as a result of incorrect staffing

Our services free our clients to concentrate on their core business as we source the finest drivers for them. Correct and timely driver selection can prove to be a game changer in any organization, specifically logistics companies, whose core business is transportation.

  • We offer driver recruitment solutions selecting the qualified drivers for our clients
  • We add value to the drivers, providing basic and vital appraisal prior to seconding them to our clients.
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Forklift & Heavy Equipment Handling

Right Staffing is key in any industry aspiring to succeed in the competitive business environment. Some organizations have been incapacitated or even driven to closure due to poor performances as a result of incorrect staffing

Work place accidents’ involving machinery and equipment cost companies a substantial amount of time, money and resources. This course empowers forklift drivers with skills for safe operations and a deeper appreciation of related hazards. It helps them mitigate and avoid accidents.

Course objectives: Course participants receive instruction in:

  • Safe Forklift Operations
  • Theory and Practical Sessions, including videos, to enhance understanding
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