Consultancy Services

Road accidents occupy 11th position out of the top 50 causes of death in Kenya. Work place injuries are lumped under “other injuries” which collectively contribute to 5,658 deaths, occupying 15th position on the same list.

As Kenya’s manufacturing, agricultural, construction and service sectors grow, the corresponding legislative and regulatory compliance prerequistes have become more focused and stringent. Add devolution to this scenario and safety compliance for Kenyan businesses becomes complicated even further.

JIL Safety Solutions provides consultancy to companies within the East African region on road and workplace safety preparedness and compliance. We guide your organization on developing an effective safety policy, providing the method and means of instilling it within your corporate culture.

We further guide you on acquistion of skills and management tools for safety, developing relevant and updated curricula for your company – this is implemented through experiential instruction services (see training).

JIL Safety Solutions legal and research teams have gone further to explore and demystify regulatory compliance based on unique regional, national and county statutes – we guide you through the safety requirements as per your county, region or nationality.

Our safety consultancy services ensure that we do the heavy lifting and ensure your organisation is both safe, efficient and fully compliant to safety regulations as per its jurisdiction.